Malaysian born singer/songwriter, Poova as she is known, has been singing and composing songs since she was a child, when she would sing and play her own piano compositions for friends and family. Her love of music has continued throughout her life and took her through several genres where she has been wowing audiences with her amazing vocals.

Poova has been singing professionally only since around 2005, but has chalked up an impressive list of events, has sung almost everywhere worth singing in Kuala Lumpur and is well known and admired by many in the Malaysian music scene, for her unassuming, down to earth attitude and ability to command attention from her audiences.
With a voice that crosses from soul to jazz to rock and into RnB, Poova encapsulates everything that a vocalist should be, versatile, powerful, sultry and sometimes just plain amazing.

Poova has performed with The Jerry Felix Band after Malaysian Idol winner Jaclyn Victor moved on to enter the Idol competition, singing powerful vocals with the well known rock band, then forming her own band The PHD who crafted and blended their own mix of soul and funk angles on popular rock, jazz, soul, disco and funk classics, with the Mafia Cartell once again using their particular take on classic rock, blues, disco and soul and with Tokyo Blue alongside talented Japanese bass guitar sessionist Hiro and pianist and singer Ywenna performing jazz instrumentals as well as jazz, soul, funk and disco from both the modern and retro scene, Poova has also performed with Fusion Factor and Giant Timeline, as well as giving many impromptu performances when out and about in KL.
Poova has preformed for BAT with Joey G at East 101 and at the Mercedes C class launch in Subang in 2007, as well as for the relaunch of TSB
Bangsar in June 2008, the Merdeka 2008 party with Joey and DJ Gabriel at Raw in Solaris, as part of the Turn It Up Sound System , which was aired on Capital Radio the following week. She was there again for the launch of ladies night at Quattro KL alongside Canadian DJ Chelsea, these performances were all adlib style vocalizing over house music sometimes alongside percussionist Rav from the Asian Dhol Foundation. This type of performance is where audiences really get to hear the caliber of performance that this young woman is capable of, in a no holds barred, open mike, completely ad lib style, delivering powerful soul and RnB style vocals and lyrics alongside Malaysia’s best DJs.
Poova has performed at with several bands giving original takes on classic covers at Backyard Pub, Bulldog, Waikiki, Waikiki 2, No Black Tie, Little Havana, The Earth Lounge (Formally Carnegies), Maison, Avenue K Launch Party, Ol’Skool, The Wall, KGNS, Vr 1 Café, The Attic Bangsar, Uncle Chillies, La Bodega at the Pavilion KL, Laundry Bar, Groove Junction, Bangkok Jazz, The Apartment KLCC, The Social Bangsar, as well as corporate functions such as the Digi Staff Function, the Maxis function at Luna Bar, BAT function at Frangipanni KL, Hash House Harrier Events (by popular demand).

As well as live performances Poova does studio work sang the soulful background vocals to bring in the finalists in the Miss Malaysia International Chinese Beauty Pageant 2007 for Astro doing the prerecordings with producer Zen. More recently Poova has begun working on vocals for TV ads with a local recording studio and is working with some local artists and DJs on writing and performing vocals for their tracks.

The aim as an artist for Poova is to produce her own music as an individual which can be internationally as well as locally recognized whilst continuing to work with producers and artists on other projects which she enjoys as a challenge for her abilities as an artists.

If you haven’t heard this amazing young woman sing, then you haven’t heard what Malaysian music really has to offer.